Monday, September 5, 2016

TV Review: Page Turner

                                                           Page Turner Review
Page Turner is about three prodigies who are all faced with difficulties regarding their field in this mini-series and have to choose where to go with their lives from here. Yoon Yoo-seul is the top rated pianist at her musical academy high school but she has been playing piano for years because it is what her mother wishes for her to do and therefore she has come to hate playing the piano because of the enormous amount of pressure her mother puts on her to be the best. Yoo-seul gets in a car accident and suffers nerve damage to her eyes that makes her blind which makes playing piano more difficult and is what leads her to telling her mom about her desires to quit playing. Yoo-seul is later on encourage by Jung Cha-sik to keep playing the piano when he asks her to help him learn the piano which leads to Yoo-seul discovering joy when it comes to playing the piano.

Jung Cha-sik is a pole vaulter who was set to win a bronze meld before he is injured in the first episode and is told by the doctor that playing sports could lead to serious injuries so this leads him to become lost without being able to do the thing that he excels at anymore. Cha-sik becomes interested in playing the piano after his mom tells him that his father is a famous pianist so he ends up partnering up with Yoo-seul in learning the piano and trying to get good enough so that they can compete in a two piano competition. Cha-sik and Yoo-seul become close friends and they find that working to together leads them to accepting how their lives have changed.

Seo Jin-mok is Yoo-seul rival in piano who use to be taught by her mother and since the time that they were in elementary school the two have been competing with each other. Yoo-seul has been putting down Jin-mok for as long as they have been rivals(mainly due to her mother) and all these jabs has led Jin-mok to loose all the confidence that he ever had in himself while playing piano which leads him to consider possibly quitting piano for good since he no longer believes he has enough talent to play professionally.

Overall I really loved this series I thought that there was a good plot to it and I loved all three of the main characters, I though that they all had a good amount of depth and I rooted for each of them to succeed and find happiness in the end. I also really loved all the piano that was played in the series it was really well done and it really showed how talent the characters where. Please tell me your thoughts on this series.

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