Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Top 10 Songs I've Been Listening to Lately

1. I'm Going to Meet You by Deok Hwan(From Queen In-hyun's Man): I've recently been watching the Kdrama Queen In-hyun's Man and I absolutely love it and this song is one that plays during a lot of the romantic moments and I realized I liked it quite a bit then I listen to the full song and fell in love with it and then I found fan video to this song and got even more obsessed with it. This song is one that has a sweet gentle romantic feel to it but also somehow feels epic and it reminds of my favorite moments of Queen In-hyun's Man which was one of the best romances I have ever seen/read.
2. Wish I Were Here from Next to Normal: Next to Normal is my favorite musical and Wish I Were Here is one of my favorite songs from it. This song and many other songs from the musical are ones that I listen to from time to time and I still love it as much as I did the first time that I heard it.
3. Tonight At Eight from She Loves Me(2016's): I've never actually seen this musical but I've listen to most of the songs from it and I especially love this one because well I'm a big fan of Zachery Levi as an actor and a singer so I like to listen to this song because I feel like it shows off his voice.
4. Why Did You Come Now by Jung Yup(From I Hear Your Voice): Awhile ago I found this fan videos to songs from the Kdrama I Hear Your Voice and while watching the videos it made me remember all of the things that I loved about the show and made me want watch it again even though I just watched it for the first time a few months ago. I just really love I Hear Your Voice and this song is from that shows and reminds me of the lighter happier moments of the show.
5. Echo by Every Single Day(From I Hear Your Voice): This song is the one that was used as the theme song for I Hear Your Voice so whenever I hear it I think of the show and I really love the show so I really like listening to it. I also just like the song by itself to but mostly I love the memories of the show it brings, also I think you should watch I Hear Your Voice because it's a great show.
6. Non-Fiction by Every Single Day(From Pinocchio): This song is from another Kdrama I loved and since I love the song and the drama I tend to listen to it quite a bit.
7. Dead Girl Walking(Reprise)from Heathers: The Musical: This song is probably my favorite song from the musical that is full of songs that I love and I really love it because I can imagine the scene being played out and because this song is one that is at the climax of the show which makes it more exciting.
8. Freeze Your Brain from Heathers: The Musical: This song is another favorite because I realy love how this song tells us who JD is as a character and it also shows how a bit how he differs from movie JD it shows that he is more someone who as numbed himself rather than someone who doesn't feel. Also this song is one associate with Skye from Agents of Shield at least during season 2.
9. Out of My Head by Digital Daggers: This is just a song and artist I really like and I like the feeling that I get from the song and I feel like there's an interesting story that could be told to this song if you wanted to make one.
10. Hate Everyone by Say Anything: I both like the way that the music sounds and I really enjoy all the anger behind this song because the best songs are the ones that express the strongest emotions.


  1. Yay! Another list that has Korean songs on it :) There have been a couple this week, which makes me super happy. That song from Queen In Hyun's man is ridiculously amazing. I can't hear it without wanting to go back and rewatch the whole thing.

    My TTT.

  2. I love Heathers so much! It's one of the few musical soundtracks I listen to the most (next to In the Heights). And I love Next to Normal as well - it's been so long so I think I need to give the soundtrack another listen. Nice list :)