Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Movie Review: The Fundamentals of Caring

                                              The Fundamentals of Caring Review
The Fundamentals of Caring is a Netflix original movie about a former writer named Ben(Paul Rudd) who has decided to become a caregiver after suffering some losses the before the start of the film. Ben ends up becoming the caregiver for Trevor(Craig Roberts) a teenage boy who is bond to a wheelchair since he suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Trevor has foul mouth and is overall a bit of prick but him and Ben end up developing a bond with each other through out the film.

Ben ends up convincing Trevor that the two of them should go on a road trip so that Trevor can see some of those sites that he hears about on television and puts on a map. On their road trip they also offer a ride to Dot(Selena Gomez) a young girl who has runaway from home to go off to school in Denver and she and Trevor end up developing a bit of a relationship during the trip.

The movie is overall about Ben and Trevor pushing each other out of their comfort zones and them both discovering that they might be better off because they were pushed. Overall I thought this movie had a good story and I thought that the acting was good throughout the movie as well. Please tell me your thoughts on the movie in the comment section below.

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