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TV Review: Teen Wolf: Apotheosis(5.20)

                                                   Teen Wolf: Apotheosis(5.20)Review
  • I really hated how Theo killed Tracy right after she told him she couldn't handle seeing him in pain and then he just goes and kills her for her power.
  • I'm really worried about Malia being trapped inside the house with the Desert Wolf wanting to kill her.
  • I liked how Stiles said that he doesn't think that they use torture enough when Liam was saying that he would get the dread doctor to talk.
  • I was surprised to learn that the dread doctors are people who actually knew Sebastian when he was alive the first time around, this does explain why they were so devoted to bringing him back.
  • I liked that Deaton figured out that Mason's twin's DNA still existed in him which made him a genetic chimera and that this means that Mason's DNA still exists inside the chimera so that means that someone call him by his name could save Mason.
  • I liked how the Sheriff said that his son likes to send him extremely long confusing text messages.
  • I liked that even though the Sheriff wanted to try to take Sebastian down once he knew who he was but that he decide against making a move against him because he didn't want the other people in the Sheriff station to be harmed although that didn't matter much when Hayden's sister figured out that he was a bad guy and took a shot at him he joined in, in order to protect her.
  • I liked that Lydia was able to use her scream to attack Sebastian even after he stuck his claw in her throat.
  • I really hate how the Desert Wolf keeps telling Malia that she stole something from her while knowing full well that Malia didn't choose to take her powers away from her and honestly I kind of wonder if the reason she lost her powers after Malia was born was because she wasn't willing to give any of them away.
  • I was worried about Hayden when she was taken by Sebastian but I liked that she tried to fight back against him even though it didn't do her any good.
  • I like that Deuclion told Theo that his willingness to betray absolutely everyone will be his down fall someday.
  • I liked that Stiles told Lydia that they figured out that Lydia is the solution for defeating Sebastian.
  • I liked that Parrish was worried about Lydia being hurt and I liked that Chris was able to get him to focus on how he had defeat Sebastian in order to save everyone.
  • I liked after Scott listen to Kira's voicemails where she tells him that if anyone can save Mason it's Scott and his pack that Scott actually believes it and figures out another way to go about it.
  • I liked that before Melissa gave Lydia the shot that she told her that it would have to stay between them since she could be fired if anyone found out about it.
  • I liked that Lydia held onto Stiles hand when she was given the shot.
  • I liked that when Scott gave Stiles something that will help Malia out that Stiles ask what plan it is Scott said plan A and Stiles tells him plan A never works but Scott insist that this time it will.
  • I liked that Hayden went to Deaton for help after she was injured because she' has heard that he knows how to treat people like her.
  • I liked that Malia jumped in front of the Desert Wolf in order to save Stiles from her.
  • I liked that when Theo tried to push Lydia down a shaft that Scott grabbed onto her hand before she could fall but I hated that Theo used his newly acquired kanemia venom to paralyze Scott so that he wouldn't be able to hold onto her or pull her back up.
  • I liked that Stiles tried to attack the Desert Wolf in order to save Malia but I wasn't surprised when it didn't work.
  • I kind of liked that Sebastian called Theo an arrogant youth when he tried to steal his power which of course didn't work.
  • I was surprise to learn that Deuclion was actually working with Scott and isn't actually blind again but I was happy with that twist because Scott is the kind of hero that I think can inspire loyalty even out of former villains.
  • I liked that Chris ended up betraying Gerard in order to help Scott because while he knew he needed Gerard's help he knew he could never trust him to actually do something just to save other people's lives.
  • I liked that the talons that Scott gave Stiles to give Malia to defeat the Desert Wolf actually worked and that Malia, Stiles and Braeden were all okay in the end.
  • I liked that when Liam was telling Scott that he should be the one to kill Sebastian since Mason was his best friend that Scott told him they are not killing his best friend.
  • I liked that Scott's memories of Allison saved him from being killed by Sebestian because he thought she was Marie Jeanne.
  • I liked that Kira came in and saved Lydia when she needed it the most and that allowed her to be able to save Mason and everyone else.
  • I'm really happy that they were able to save Mason and defeat the beast by working together. I also liked that Scott's first question after they defeat the beast is if everyone is okay.
  • I liked that Kira defeated Theo by using the powers she develop while with the skinwalkers by having his sister drag him down underground somewhere.
  • I liked that Hayden decide to become a werewolf after her injuries didn't full heal and I like that Scott made sure that was what she really wanted before he bit her and I'm glad that it worked.
  • I like that Sheriff asked Stiles if wanted a career in law enforcement because Stiles has been pretty much playing detective since before the series even began so it feels like this was a long time coming.
  • I liked that Kira said that her deciding to stay with the skinwalkers is something that she chose to do for herself and not anyone else. I also really liked that last kiss between Scott and Kira.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode as well as this series as a whole.

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