Wednesday, September 28, 2016

TV Review: Pinocchio

                                                              Pinocchio Review
Pinocchio the Kdrama is about the power and responsibility that reporters have when broadcasting news stories. Choi Dal-po who is really Gi Ha-myung has known how dangerous a reporter not getting their facts right can be, because when he was a child after his father's death the media destroy his father's image by reporting lies about him and this in turn destroyed his family and led to him living under a false name. Dal-po has understandable developed a deep hatred and disgust towards reports because of this incident. Dal-po ends up living with Choi In-ha and her father and grandfather after his mother committed suicide because the lies the media told about his father and he discovers shortly after meeting In-ha that her mother is Song Cha-ok the reporter who spearheaded the attack against his father despite this Dal-po still ends up developing feelings for In-ha.

In-ha has a disorder called Pinocchio syndrome which means that if she lies she hiccups right afterwards so that means she can't really lie. In-ha wants to become a reporter and this is something that most of the people around her are against and being a reporter is something that most people think is impossible for a Pinocchio to be but In-ha remains determined to make her dream come true until she re-meets her mother at one of her job interviews who regards her very coldly and dismisses her dream of being a reporter because she insist that reporters have to lie to get to the truth.

When In-ha is thinking about giving up on her dream to become a reporter Dal-po tells her that the two of them will become reporters together and this is what ends up leading the two of them to eventually working as reporters for two rival broadcast channels after Dal-po gets the job they interviewed for(and decides to take in order to find out the truth about what happened to his father and reveal it to the world and as a way to find his brother) and In-ha didn't get the job but did get one offered to her by her mother who's network is seen as untrustworthy in the viewers eyes which led to them thinking hiring a reporter as a PR stunt would be a good idea.

Overall there are a lot of things that I love about this show but I feel like it's not simple to explain what exactly this show is about since there just so much going on in the backstory that needs to addressed before you can even get to the present day stuff so it's a bit hard to talk about everything in one post. I really do love the main characters and most of the side characters as well and I really did love the look at what being a report is and should be. I really loved seeing the main characters develop both as people and reporters and I especially loved seeing what they think that being a reporter should be which is someone who reports the truth that the public needs to hear. I really loved the sweet romantic relationship that Dal-po and In-ha had because it was such a nice relationship that just showed how much they cared about each other without being overly dramatic and instead focused on how much they enjoyed each other's company. Overall I loved this show and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in Kdramas. Please tell me your thoughts on this series.

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