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TV Review: City Hunter

                                                             City Hunter Review
City Hunter is a K-drama that is about a young man Lee Yoon Sung who has been trained since he was a child by a man, Lee Jin Pyo to carry out revenge against the people responsible for killing his father and twenty other loyal South Korean soldiers twenty-eight years ago. There are five people that Yoon Sung and Jin Pyo plan to take down and since all of them are high ranking government officials this is something that the two have devoted their lives to Jin Pyo more than Yoon Sung who actually plans to have a life after revenge. Yoon Sung and Jin Pyo's ideas of revenge differ with Yoon Sung wanting to  destroy their marks by exposing  their corruptions and Jin Pyo wanting to destroy them by killing them, the difference in methods in revenge leads this two become enemies rather than allies for most of the series but since Jin Pyo is the only father Yoon Sung as ever known there is still a bond between the two that keeps them from destroying each other.
Another one of the main plot threads in the series is the romance that develops between Yoon Sung and Kim Nana who works as a bodyguard for several of the people that where involved in the cover up 28 years ago. The relationship between Yoon Sung and Nana is one that starts off feeling like quite a few rom-coms with the two of them not really getting along at the beginning but they keep running into each other and she thinks he's a jerk until he helps her pay for a surgery that keeps her comatose father alive although even after that it takes awhile for them to truly understand each other. At the beginning there is something that's pretty fun and light about the relationship between the two but as time goes on and the two are put into situations where they find themselves on opposite sides and in dangerous situation things get darker and angstier. Yoon Sung falls for Nana despite being warned against falling in love and therefore spends a lot of time pulling away from Nana even though he clearly wants to be with her. Their relationship is one that a lot of tension is built up with Yoon Sung not knowing how Nana would react to discovery his true identity and that even if she did accept him is it safe for her to be around him while being near him could put her in danger.

Another important thread in the series involves the prosecutor Kim Young Joo who spent the series looking into both Yoon Sung/Jin Pyo who were named City Hunter by the media as well as the corrupt government officials that the two were taking down. Young Joo is someone who believes in up holding the law and finding the truth above all else and this is something that makes him both a worthy and admirable opponent for Yoon Sung through out the series. Young Joo is told and threatened many times through out the series to stop digging into something and he never does and this costs him dearly in the end.

Overall City Hunter is a series has many well down plot threads that made the series a joy to watch and kept me on the edge of my seat. I thought that all of the major characters throughout the series were compelling and well written and I loved the romance between Yoon Sung and Nana an incredible amount. I also really enjoyed the actions sequences and the music that went along with them because it just really got me excited for whatever was happening. I though that the way in which this series discussed vengeance was well done. Overall I love this series and I really really think that you should give it a try. Please tell me your thoughts about this series in the comment section below.

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  1. Hi! Thanks for you comments about this drama on my blog. It took my awhile but I've just responded to them. :) While I was a bit disappointed with the anti climatic ending regarding the romance in this one, the other stories ended really crazily! And I do agree that it is well worth the watch. My favorite LMH drama is still Faith, but I have yet to finish all of his. Anyway.. he can pretty much do no wrong in my book. Love him!