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TV Review: Scream: Village of the Damned(2.08)

                                     Scream: Village of the Damned(2.08)Review
  • I found it very scary and creepy that the killer wrote in blood 12 dead on Audrey's ceiling and "No one will ever forgive you." on her mirror.
  • I liked that Audrey told Noah about the messages she found and that they tried to figure out who the 12 people who died all are and that they are coming up one short which is troubling.
  • I liked that Noah told Audrey that as long as the killer has this secret to hold over her the killer owns her so she should tell Emma the truth and I like that Audrey admitted he was right even though she still too afraid to tell Emma because she assumes that Emma won't be able to forgive her.
  • I liked how Noah pointed out that a town celebrating after murders have been committed usually ends in death in the movies so that means that Lakewood having a carnival is a bad idea and I like that pretty much everyone agrees with him on that point.
  • I liked that Brooke is dreading having to give a speech at the carnival but feels that she needs to go through with it for her father's sake and that she doesn't think that she can get through it without her friends being there for her.
  • I find it interesting that the property that Eli and Emma visited that burnt is one that belonged the Mayor.
  • I liked that the Sheriff found Ms. Lang keep records on her students to be strange because it really was.
  • I liked that the Sheriff didn't really consider Emma as a suspect for the fire or the murder of the two people who were found inside the house but he did still have someone keeping tabs on her because that is just good police work.
  • I find the fact that Eli broke into the bedroom of a girl he liked in the past to be pretty creepy and I'm glad that Emma was creeped out by him after she learned this about him.
  • I like that the Sheriff brought Emma's mom back onto the case now that he doesn't suspect that Emma is a possible suspect.
  • I like that the Sheriff does actually suspect that Gustavo could be the killer because he has found evidence that could lead him to that conclusion and I like that he won't ignore that evidence even though he clearly doesn't want his son to be the killer.
  • I find it interesting and frightening that in the past Gustavo accidently killed one of his friends and that he preserved him in some way through art that his father found worrying.
  • I find it a little weird how upset Kieran is about anything that Eli tells Emma even though so far what he's told her hasn't made Emma think badly of Kieran, I just find it a bit odd how much Kieran doesn't want Emma around Eli even when she's agreeing to not be around him without any argument.
  • I found it creepy that the killer sent Audrey a video of Emma sleeping than showed a bloody looking knife as a threat.
  • I liked that Audrey invited Emma to the carnival assumingly so that she could insure that they have one more nice day together before Audrey confesses to her. I also liked how Emma said that they always went to the carnival together and that Audrey mentions that they didn't last and Emma says that they should just forget last year.
  • I like that Brooke is helping Zoe to win the pageant with giving her a little make over and I like that the two bond even more when Zoe reveals that she brought a flask to help calm her nerves about public speaking and that she also offers some to Brooke.
  • I liked that Noah came to be Zoe's date for the pageant and I like that Brooke made sure that his bowtie matched Zoe's dress.
  • I liked that Gustavo tried to convince Brooke to ditch the pageant and I was surprised to learn that Brooke wasn't only doing the pageant for her dad's sake but that she had her own reasons for going through with it.
  • I think it's kind of creepy that Kieran was watching Emma seemingly the entire time she was at the carnival and honestly the fact that Kieran beat the crap out of Eli after he said that he didn't tell Emma the worst part makes me more suspicious of Kieran than of Eli because he is clearly the one that is hiding something bigger.
  • I liked that after Emma told Audrey that Eli broke into some girl's bedroom before that she told Emma that someone broke into her house the other night and wrote creepy messages and that they now are both suspecting Eli as the killer.
  • I liked that Zoe asked Brooke if she was okay to give a speech after seeing how drunk she was even though Brooke insisted she was fine and had things she needed to say.
  • I felt sad for Brooke when she gave a speech where she talked about Jake and how and quite a few other people have been murder and how Lakewood is lying to itself about what really goes on there and how if they keep ignoring the problem more people will just end up dead and maybe they'll deserve it.
  • I liked that Noah told Brooke that he thought that her speech was great and I liked that Emma, Audrey and Zoe seemed to agree with that statement. I also liked that Brooke mentioned that Jake would have liked her speech.
  • I find it suspicious that Emma was lured away from everyone else and then the killer calls Emma using Kieran's phone. I find it especially suspicious that Kieran was found underneath a costume like the one the killer wears even if it was under duress it seems like an odd choice for the killer to make it especially since the killer was in the funhouse somewhere since a cop did ended up either injured or dead.
  • I liked that Audrey told Noah that the killer sent her video of Emma going into the funhouse and that she figured out that the killer wants her to feel responsible for everything that happens and I like that Audrey is finally sick enough of the killer's taunts that she wants to tell Emma the truth so she doesn't have to do as the killer says anymore.
  • I liked that when Zoe said that it feels a bit stupid to win Lady of Lake now that Noah told her it's not stupid to want something and to go out to get it.
  • I was so mad that the killer sent the recording of Audrey confessing to Noah about bringing Piper to Lakewood to Emma right before Audrey was finally going to tell her the truth since Emma is a lot less likely to believe anything Audrey says now that someone else revealed her secret.
Please tell me your thoughts on his episode.

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