Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Movie Review: Being Charlie

                                                         Being Charlie Review
Being Charlie is about a boy named Charlie(Nick Robinson) who is the son of politician who is running for governor and he is also a drug addict. Charlie has been going in and out of rehabs for quite some time when the film started. When Charlie returns home after ditching his last rehab his parents demand that he goes back to a different rehab program at first Charlie protest saying that this programs just don't work for him but he soon learns that he really has no choice in the matter so he goes to the rehab with no really intention of getting clean and sober for good.

When Charlie gets to the new rehab place he is no more committed to this program than he is to any other but after he meet Eva(Morgan Saylor) a girl around his age that he bonds with and starts to develop feelings for he finds the program not be quite so bad. Charlie ends up doing a fairly good job at advancing in his program now that he motivated by his relationship with Eva but Eva he is having a harder time at motivating herself to stay clean and her relationship with Charlie isn't really enough for her and since Charlie cares enough about her to follow her anywhere this is something that ends causing problems for both of them.

Overall I really loved this film I found the story to be interesting and I liked that while it dealt with a dark subject matter that the film itself didn't feel overly dark at anytime. I really liked the way that this film explored the character of Charlie and I thought that the acting in the film was well done as well. Please tell me your thoughts on this film.

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