Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Book Review: Splintered

                                                              Splintered Review
Splintered is about a girl named Alyssa Gardener who is an ancestor of Alice Liddell the girl who Alice in Wonderland is based off and the females in Alyssa's family have been cursed to hear the voices of flowers and insects ever since. Alyssa fears that she will one day she will loose her last thread of sanity and  be committed to a mental health hospital like her mother or jump out a window and kill herself like her grandmother did. Early on in the story Alyssa starts to understand that neither her mother or herself are really crazy but rather that Wonderland is real and that she has to go there to break her family's curse before the doctors treatments make her mother truly lost to her. While in Wonderland Alyssa learns about who and what she truly is as she face many trials to prove her worth to Wonderland.

In this book there are two love interest for Alyssa including her friend and neighbor  Jeb who is an artist like Alyssa is and as a less than perfect family like she does but he also has a girlfriend but the two grow closer when Alyssa accidently drags Jeb with her to Wonderland. Alyssa's second love interest is the manipulative netherling Morpheus that lured Alyssa to Wonderland to help him break his own curse but still claims to care for her even after he continues to put her in danger. Unfortunately for me I disliked both of Alyssa's love interest so I found these parts of the book to be pretty boring.

Overall I thought the book was okay, it had an interesting concept and I liked how it dealt with the Alice and Wonderland story as well as how it related to mental illness and I thought that the character of Alyssa was good and I liked that she motivated by trying to save herself and her mother's sanities. On the other hand I disliked Morpheus and found Jeb boring so the romance angle in this book didn't work for me at all. Please tell me your thoughts about this book in comment section below.

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