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TV Review: Teen Wolf: Muted(4.03)

                                                  Teen Wolf: Muted(4.03)Review
  • I felt bad for Sean and his family at the beginning of the episode when all of them other than Sean was killed by a mouthless guy.
  • I liked how when Braeden put her boots on the table and Peter complained that the table was Italian that she remarked so are her boots, I liked how Derek smirked at her remark.
  • I like how Derek and Peter are hiring Braeden to find Kate and that Derek was willing to pay any price and I like that Peter was upset that if they don't get the money back he may have to get a job. I also like that Derek wants to find out about why his eyes have changed colors.
  • I liked when Scott mentioned that he texted Chris about Kate being alive that Stiles pointed out that's not really something you tell someone over a text message then Scott mentions he can't afford to call France and Stiles mentions he's also having money trouble with final notices for paying for an MRI and a in Echien house.
  • I liked how Stiles said that worrying about their place on the lacrosse team should be the least of their worries before they saw how good Liam was in goal.
  • I liked how Melissa and the Sherriff when looking over the bodies of Sean's family members were trying to figure out whether or not the murders were supernatural and how the Sherriff mentioned if they aren't he wants to give the boys a day off which Melissa would agree with but she wonders when they can get a day off.
  • I'm worried that Kira's parents seem to be planning on selling their house and moving back to New York but I'm pretty sure that won't end up happening but I'm still worried since I love Kira and I don't want her to leave.
  • I liked that Kira argued that they couldn't move because of all the friends she made in Beacon Hills and how she knows they are different than other friends.
  • I liked how Stiles and Scott cornered Liam about his amazing lacrosse abilities and how Stiles pretty much out right accused him of being supernatural while Scott believed him pretty quickly that he's just that good.
  • I liked how Malia when she saw the board of the math class just tried to quietly slip away from class but sadly for her Stiles made her go to math class. I loved how Malia mentions that she hates math and she thinks it's pointless which I agree with her but Stiles and Lydia disagree and they bring up some pretty good points with Stiles saying it's good for tipping and Lydia mentioning things like medicine and engineering although that seems like why math is good for mankind not each individual person.
  • I felt bad for Malia when she was asked to do math on the board despite not volunteering to come up to the board and I totally understand why she growled at Stiles when he gave her the thumbs up before she went up to the board.
  • I liked that Lydia mentioned that she gave Malia notes and Malia mentioned that she didn't understand her notes and that Lydia ended up giving Malia the right answer to her problem.
  • I liked how Braeden pretended to be a US marshal in order to gain access to files on the family that was ax murdered case.
  • I liked that after Stiles found out about the ax murder that he tried to convince Scott and Kira to skip school in order to investigate the case neither of them wanted to and Kira suggested that they should just let the adults handle this one which is something Stiles found absurd.
  • I loved how Scott causally kissed Kira before he left for class which led Kira to stand there in shock and Scott to notice his mistake until he was in class and then felt all kinds of awkward about it.
  • I liked how Scott told Stiles about the kiss and how he asked about how he should make things less awkward and I liked that when Scott asks if he should text Kira that Stiles tells him to stop with the texts.
  • I liked how in lacrosse tryouts we see that Stiles is just as bad as he's always been and that since Scott is no longer accidently tapping into his wolf powers he's not much better.
  • I like how Stiles flat out admits that he is terrible at lacrosse and I liked how mad he was that some freshman was stealing Scott's captain position that he had worked so hard for last year away from him.
  • I liked how when Kira told Malia how her and Scott were sort of a thing but not really that Malia asked Kira what she wanted and that what she wanted was more.
  • I liked that Scott and Stiles actually worked pretty well together when they were defending the goal.
  • I liked that when Liam managed to get past Scott and Stiles that Malia called for a do over and said she would put 10 dollars on Scott and Stiles and that Coach took that bet.
  • I felt bad for Liam when it seemed he broke his ankle and I liked how bad Scott felt over it even though it was clearly an accident and he didn't even use his wolf powers to do it.
  • I liked how Kira caught a ball with a lacrosse stick before it hit Malia's face almost accidently and Coach was then interested in her being a player for the team.
  • I liked how Parrish didn't seem to alarmed to find Lydia at Sean's family home and that he mentioned Lydia has a reputation for finding dead bodies.
  • I liked how Scott tried to tell Kira that he was sorry for making things awkward between the two of them but then he ended up coming back and telling Kira that he wasn't sorry and the two of them kissed and it was beautiful and they were both happy.
  • I liked how Lydia ended up discovering a secret passage that led to a freeze full of dead bodies which really made me feel much less awful about Sean's family being murder earlier.
  • I liked how Stiles reassured Scott that it's not his fault that Liam got hurt and that it's okay to want things for himself because he is only human in all the ways that matter after all.
  • I liked that Derek actually ended up making the decision to trust Braeden after they shared a scene in which they were rather flirty with each other.
  • I found the scene were Stiles helps Malia study to be really cute and I liked that Malia had a similar color coding system to the one that Stiles have which really seemed to touch him quite a bit as well. I also liked that we saw that the reason Malia didn't get Lydia's notes was because Lydia was writing down the same code that the mouthless guy was using on the computer.
  • I liked that Kira had made sure that her parents open house wouldn't go well by chopping up all the signs and I liked how Kira twirled the lacrosse stick and smirked when her mom yelled for her.
  • I felt bad for Liam when he was telling the doctor who seems to be a father figure to him that it was his own fault that his ankle got broken for going against two juniors and I liked how Scott overhearing this only feels more guilty about it.
  • I found Sean being a wendigo that needs to eat human flesh to be very frightening and I liked that Scott saved his mom and she told him to go after him after she assured him she was okay.
  • I liked how Scott offered to help Sean and asked him to let go of Liam but Sean said that he couldn't be helped.
  • I was glad that Scott saved Liam's life but sad that the only way to do so was to give him the bite which Liam may not want and Scott will feel bad about giving it to him even though it was the only way he could keep him from dying.
  • I find it odd how the mouthless guy after killing Sean made the shh movement to Scott as if he thinks of them being on the same side of the fight.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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