Thursday, July 3, 2014

Movie Review: The Fault in Our Stars

                                                  The Fault in Our Stars Review
The Fault in Our Stars is based off a book by John Green which I have read and loved, the story is about a teenage girl named Hazel Lancaster(Shailene Woodley) who as been living with a terminal diagnosis of cancer for years now and her parents began to worry that she is becoming depressed which Hazel thinks is perfectly normal considering she's dying, so her parents decide that she needs to go to a teen cancer support group. At the support group Hazel ends up meeting a cancer survive named Augustus Waters(Ansel Elgort) who looks for the metaphor in everything, doesn't believe in denying himself pleasure of looking at something beautiful such as Hazel who he waste no time in telling her he thinks that she's beautiful and has only one leg.

Most of the story of the film is Hazel and Augustus relationship which starts off as a flirty friendship but eventually becomes a sweet and cute romance as time goes on. There's other stories in the movie as well such as Isaac(Nat Wolf)  dealing with loosing both his girlfriend and his eyesight. There's Hazel and Augustus meeting the author of Hazel's favorite book which the two of bonded over earlier in the movie who turns out to be a real ass and then of course just dealing with cancer as well.

This movie is one that made me laugh and made me cry just like the book did and I don't think that there could have been a better adaptation of this book. I thought all of the actors did a great job at bring their characters to life and so did everyone else that worked on the movie with bring this book to life. I loved this movie and I'm so happy it turned out as good as it did. Please me your thoughts on this movie.

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