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TV Review: Teen Wolf: The Benefactor(4.04)

                                           Teen Wolf: The Benefactor(4.04)Review
  • I liked how the Sherriff had asked for Derek's advice when looking on Sean's body to help identify what Sean was and what might have killed him, I also liked how even though Scott didn't mention Liam Derek could tell someone else was up there.
  • I liked how Scott called Stiles over to help him deal with Liam, I liked how Stiles summarized that Scott had bit then kidnapped Liam and I liked how when Stiles mentioned how bad of an idea that was that Scott says he panicked and that he called Stiles to come up with a better idea.
  • I liked how Scott and Stiles tried to explain what was happening to Liam but neither of them thought that to use the word werewolf to explain what was happening to them.
  • I liked how when Stiles mentioned that Liam could die that Liam started crying and Scott tried to comfort him and reassure him that he was going to be okay but Stiles kept mentioning he could die and Scott told him to stop that.
  • I liked how when Scott and Stiles untied Liam that he attacked them and made a run for it that they seemed surprised that he would do that and Stiles seemed down right offend by it.
  • I liked how Stiles was helping Malia prepare for the full moon that he was also telling her about what happened with Liam, I also liked how when the Sherriff walks in and sees Stiles putting chains on Malia that he says he doesn't even want to know.
  • I liked how when Kira saw the math notes that Lydia gave Malia she said no wonder Malia's failing and I liked that Lydia figured out that it looked like a computer code.
  • I liked how when Liam mentioned that he ran all the way to school that Mason seemed really concerned about him.
  • I liked that when Scott and Stiles cornered Liam in the hallway that Stiles was the one that yelled at Liam and came off as the more aggressive one.
  • I can't believe that Scott used Derek's lines about being brothers and the bite being a gift to try to win over Liam and I liked that Stiles was all like Scott stop that won't work which it didn't.
  • I liked how Derek seemed to take pleasure in causing Peter pain in order to burn the wolfsbane out.
  • I liked how it was mentioned in this episode that during the full moons that Stiles helps Malia out and that she  held in Lydia's lake house basement during that time which she doesn't want to share with Liam.
  • I liked that Stiles came up with the idea of chloroforming Liam and kidnapping him in order to get him to the lake house and that Malia was the only that agreed with this idea, I just love that these two share each others questionable morals.
  • I liked how Lydia suggested that Kira be the one to lure Liam to the lake house because she's a vixen and I liked that Stiles and Malia gave Kira the once over approvingly.
  • I liked how Kira ended up falling down the stairs during her sexy walk sequence and that Liam was still way into her even after she fell.
  • I liked how Derek shared with the Sherriff what he knew about the mute and that the Sherriff was concerned about how he could eat without a mouth.
  • I liked how Parrish was able to make the connection that the mute was somehow involved with the military and with his computer skills was able to let the Sherriff and Derek know where to find the mute and that he was an assassin.
  • I liked how Kira was all kinds of cute and awkward on the car ride to the lake house and how when asked who was coming to the party she said that everyone was which led Liam to inviting his friend Mason to the party.
  • I liked how Stiles figured out why Liam was kicked out if his old school which was because of attacked his teacher's car with a crowbar which shows he has anger issues.
  • I liked how when they arrived at the lake house Liam was suspicious about the lack of people there and that Kira just oh so cute and awkwardly ushered him into the house.
  • I liked how it was explained to Liam that Scott: werewolf, Malia: werecoyote, Lydia: banshee and Kira: kitsune and that when he asked Stiles what he was Stiles says that he was possessed by an evil spirit that was very evil(I liked how Stiles was very clearly trying to make a joke out of it but due to how he didn't use the word nogitsune I think it's safe to say that it isn't something that's easy for him to make light of) and I liked how when asked what he was now that Stiles said better although there was a question mark there.
  • I liked that Liam started to think that the whole pack was crazy which due the information he just got is pretty understandable but the moon started to effect him so Scott and Kira helped him out to the lake house which he still wasn't willing to trust him at this time so it took some effort to chain him up.
  • I liked how before Stiles left to go with Malia that Stiles told Lydia to throw a party as what to do with freshmen outside her door because he knows that she knows how to do that.
  • I liked how Malia kept telling Stiles that he go after he chains her up and that Stiles keeps telling her that he'd rather be with her then up at the party.
  • I liked how when Kira says that Liam looks so young that Scott says that he is young.
  • I liked how after seeing Lydia freak out about the price of things in the kitchen when the keg guy came in that Garrett ended up paying for the keg.
  • I liked how when Malia had broken free of one of her chains and kept telling Stiles to leave because she was so sure that she would hurt him that he told that he was never going to do that.
  • I liked how when Scott told Kira that he could hear the music from the party and that it was electronic that she told him about how she preferred slower songs because she likes to slow dance and then Scott plays a slower song for the two of them to dance to.
  • I liked how Kira asked Scott about his self control and how she kissed him and sucked on his ear in order to raise his heart rate to show she could have an affect on him which she did.
  • I  liked how Mason spent his time at the party looking Liam and that when Lydia accidently split wine on the carpet and started freaking out that he was there to comfort her and told her he would help her remove the stain from the carpet.
  • I felt bad for Lydia when she admitted that the lake house had to remain in perfect condition because her family needs every penny because their having money trouble.
  • I liked how Derek and the Sherriff went together to track the mute in the high school and that they figured out the mutes explosive trap before it could kill them.
  • I liked how Stiles was able to talk Malia down by telling her he knows she's afraid of hurting him like she did her family and that he trusts that she won't hurt him. I liked how Stiles went on to talk about how he felt when the nogitsune possessed him how he felt powerful, fearless and in control which makes a lot of sense given the helplessness he had been feeling involving the supernatural since late season one but that he had learned control was overrated and then he unlocks Malia to show he trust her and she was able to regain control over herself pretty quickly.
  • I was surprised to learn that Garrett and his girlfriend seem to be assassins also working for the benefactor.
  • I liked how after Liam escaped and Scott went after him and Scott was trying to calm him down and explain what was happening but then Liam started blaming Scott and you could tell just how guilty Scott felt about this because he almost let Liam slash his throat but luckily Chris Argent arrived with his flashing arrows and Scott was safe and Liam ran away again.
  • I liked how Chris told Scott that he got his text and that he thinks that Liam will listen to Scott if he uses his own words.
  • I liked how Derek and Sheriff worked together to capture the mute and that the Sherriff was actually arresting him when Peter came along and killed the mute while Derek and the Sherriff watched horrified.
  • I liked how the Sheriff held his gun pointed at Peter until he left and I liked how Derek told Peter that they had found a better way and I liked how Peter called himself a creature of habit.
  • I liked how Liam told Scott about why he got kicked out of school and how guilty he felt about it especially how his mom and stepdad looked at him with such disappointment and I liked how he called himself a monster and Scott reassured that he wasn't a monster but a werewolf like him.
  • I liked how Kira found Lydia and Lydia told her how she found out the key for the code and that the key was Allison and that code was hit list of supernatural creatures and we could clearly see most of the main cast was on it.
Please tell me your thoughts about this episode.

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