Wednesday, July 2, 2014

TV Review: Teen Wolf: 117(4.02)

                                                    Teen Wolf: 117(4.02)Review
  • I was surprised to learn that teenager Derek had trouble controlling the shift on a full moon.
  • I was surprised that Kate seemed to want to control herself and not attack the guy at the gas station but I wasn't surprised that she ended up killing him when he came into the bathroom.
  • I liked that although Deaton had no idea why or how Derek was de-aged but was still willing to look after him until he wakes up and protect him from Kate.
  • I liked that Deaton told Scott, Stiles and Lydia to go home rest and that it was about time that they started taking care of themselves.
  • I liked that when Lydia volunteered to stay with Derek and Deaton that Stiles didn't want to leave her and that Scott had to force him to leave her there.
  • I like that Scott's dad is making an effort to stay part of Scott's life but doesn't seem to be being too pushy about it.
  • I'm confused as to why Derek was healing so much faster than usual.
  • I find it strange but also a bit sweet that Malia keeps sneaking into Stiles room and that when they cuddle Stiles always ends up being the little spoon somehow. I also liked that it was made clear that Stiles and Scott that Peter is Malia's father.
  • I felt so bad for Malia when she was called on in class when she was so clearly confused about what was going on or what the answer is. I liked that Stiles tried to give Malia the answer and that Kira kept waving her hand trying to convince her dad to call on her instead.
  • I liked how Lydia ended up texting Mr. Yukimura in order to get her message to Scott that Derek had ran off.
  • I liked that Scott didn't want to lie to Derek because he knew that Derek would be able to tell that he was lying when it came to telling the truth about what happened to his family.
  • I felt bad for Derek when he saw the remains of his old home and I disliked that one Deputy kept being a jerk to him and ended up tazing him but I liked that Parrish ended up trying to talk him down and try to stop him from being tazed.
  • I liked that Parrish trusted that Derek wouldn't hurt anyone if they took the handcuffs off of him.
  • I liked how completely confused the Sheriff was when he saw de-aged Derek and that he assumed that time travel was the answer to what happened and Stiles explaination about Mexico and a tomb just made him angry about Stiles lying to going camping.
  • I liked that Scott ended up lying to Derek about his entire family being dead in order to save him some pain. Although I also liked that Scott felt bad about lying but Stiles told him that it was fine.
  • I liked how Lydia told Kira that Scott wouldn't blame her for the electric shocks and told her that Scott couldn't be more into her. I also just liked that Kira and Lydia being friendly with each other.
  • I liked that when Lydia figured out that her powers led her and Kira to another dead body she told Kira not to look.
  • I liked that Malia insisted that she comes with Scott when he talks to Peter because Lydia told her that Peter was basically Satan in a V-neck, I also just liked that this shows that Lydia and Malia actually talk to each other.
  • I liked how Stiles told Derek that he wasn't allowed to talk to anyone and tried to stop Derek from having dinner when Agent McCall offered them some. I liked how Stiles called Derek Migel and said he was from Mexico and that when Agent McCall spoke to him in Spanish that Derek knew enough to answer him back.
  • I thought that Peter was really creepy when he first met Malia but I liked that Malia was completely disgusted with him.
  • I thought it was funny how Stiles tried to make sure that Derek didn't find out anything new about the Hale family fire from Agent McCall.
  • I liked how when Peter asked why people can't stay dead that Malia said that she's pretty sure everyone else was wishing that he stayed dead.
  • I liked how shocked Scott looked to learn that Derek and Kate were involved with each other.
  • I liked that Peter came to the conclusion that Kate brought Derek back to the age at which he still trusted her.
  • I liked that after Derek was taken by Kate that Peter figured out that Kate was after a way in which to control the shift.
  • I was really surprised to learn that Beacon Hills High was built on top of the Hale family safe.
  • I liked that Malia when she saw the Beserker wanted to fight it but I liked that Peter stopped her and told her and Scott that they can't beat a Beserker.
  • I liked that Scott and Malia looked out for each other in their fight with the Berseker and I liked when Kira came in with skills with a katana.
  • I liked how Scott looked and sounded super concerned for Kira when a Beserker ended up knocking her down.
  • I actually enjoyed the confrontation between Peter and Kate where Peter tells her that what he thought she was looking for won't actually help her control the shift.
  • I liked how Derek went to help Scott out when he heard he was in danger even though he didn't really remember who Scott was.
  • I don't understand how Derek turned back to his proper age or why he now all of sudden has yellow werewolf eyes rather than blue.
  • I'm curious about who stole 117 million dollars from Peter and why he had that kind of money in the first place and who could've known about that.
  • I liked that Stiles and Lydia seemed so very unconcerned about Peter being robbed in fact Stiles sounded downright gleeful at the idea.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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