Wednesday, April 11, 2018

TV Review: Solomon's Perjury

                                                  Solomon's Perjury Review
Solomon's Perjury is about how after a student Lee So woo is found dead on school grounds after either falling or being pushed off the roof the school tries to cover up the his death as soon as possible in order to save the school reputation. A fellow classmate being found dead at school shortly after he was unjustly expelled by the school and a rushed investigation leaves the students with many questions that school doesn't just refuse to answer but refuses to ever allow the students even to ask them doesn't sit will with many students. Go Seo yeon who was one of the two students who found So woo's body and one of the many that witness him being beaten up by school bully Choi Woo hyuk which is an incident that led directly to So woo's expulsion, Seo yeon can wants answers to what led to So woo's death and she's one of the few people who was willing to stand up and asks the questions that they all had but no one was willing to truly ask.

Shortly after So woo's death Lee Joo ri, an unpopular girl who acts like a queen bee, writes a letter were she claims that she saw Woo hyuk along with two of his friends push So Woo off the roof on the night of his death. The majority of the school start to question whether So woo really committed suicide or if he was murdered since pretty much everyone believes Woo hyuk to be capable of such a thing. Seo yeon decides that the best way for them all to get the answers about what really happened to So woo would be hold a trial and she works hard to pull off the trial along with her friends and Han Ji hoon a mysterious boy from another school who decided to join their school trial as Woo hyuk defense counsel.

The trial has Seo yeon working as the prosecutor and Ji hoon as the defense attorney and it leads to many things that Seo yeon would never even guess being revealed as time goes on. Seo yeon has to deal with surprise after surprise during the trial and on top of that she not even confident that Joo ri's statement is even something that can be trusted and that's the only concrete evidence that she has. On the other hand Ji hoon is much more confident about Woo hyuk's innocence because it's clear to the audience that he knows much more about So woo's death than anyone else since they were best friends which is something he is keeping secret from the others, it becomes quite clear early on that Ji hoon as another a agenda for this trial and it's interesting watching it slowly become clear what it is.

I overall loved this series I thought that it had a really good plot and I thought that it's plot had a lot of intrigue to it which made the show very interesting to watch. This series is one that had pretty good characters that you become very interested in figuring out and invested in their emotional journey's as well. I really loved the tone that this series set with both the music and cinematography which were both really great. This series was really good and I would recommend checking this one out because it's a very underrated series. Please tell me your thoughts on this show in the comment section below.

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