Saturday, December 1, 2018

Book Review: Vampire Academy

                                                      Vampire Academy Review
Vampire Academy is about how Rose Hathaway, a dhampir(a half human, half vampire- protects moroi) and Lissa Dragomir(a royal moroi vampire) have returned to St.Vladimir's Academy after they have ran away a year ago since Rose believed that staying at the academy was no longer safe for Lissa since she has developed healing powers. This book is mostly about Rose and Lissa dealing with being back at the academy after their long absence which is something that has made them the subject of much gossip since leaving the academy and living among humans is something that is simply never done. Rose decides that it would be best for her and Lissa to keep a low profile which Lissa is fine with at first since she doesn't like being a center of attention but is a bit harder for Rose who loves attention, a good party and has trouble keeping out of fights due to her short temper.

A low profile is something that is made nearly impossible for Lissa to maintain after she keeps finding the bodies of dead animals left in her bed back at school which is something that terrifies Lissa and worries Rose because she believes this means someone knows about Lissa's healing abilities. After a rumor is started about Rose letting guys suck her blood Lissa decides that she has to protect her by getting in with the popular group which she does by using compulsion that works on dhampirs and morois alike but also takes a toil on Lissa's mental health which worries Rose a lot but she is unable to stop her from using it.

There are romantic subplots for both Rose and Lissa in this book with Rose falling for an older guardian who works as her instructor named Dimitri who makes it clear that nothing can ever happen between them since he's so much older than her and because guarding their moroi's will always have to come first which means there's no room for romance in their lives. Lissa ends up bonding with Christian Ozera who is an outcast at the academy since his entire family decided to turn into strigoi(bad vampires who are stronger than morois and dhampirs) and then were killed when he was very young. Since both Lissa and Christian are last surviving members of their families and now that Lissa doesn't feel like she fits in with anyone else(expect for Rose) at the academy the two of them connect and develop romantic feelings for each other very quickly.

Overall I really liked this book it had good characters, an interesting and while the book felt a bit light on actually plot I felt like this worked well with introducing us to the world and the characters. I really loved the friendship that Rose and Lissa share with each other and I also really enjoyed the romance between Lissa and Christian as well. Also an unpopular opinion I have is that I think that movie actually did do a pretty good job at adapting this book. Please tell me your thoughts on this book in the comment section below.

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