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TV Review: Scream: Vacancy(2.03)

                                                    Scream: Vacancy(2.03)Review
  • I think it's both smart and cruel of the killer to point out to Audrey that she can't go to the police about anything she knows he's doing because she would have to admit to how she knows what she knows.
  • I liked that Emma told her mom that her dad is back in town and I liked that her mom told her to be careful because she knows that Emma's father has his share of issues. I also liked that Emma told her mom that she needs to hear what her dad has to say whether or not what he has to say his good for her to hear.
  • I liked that Emma called Audrey when she needed someone to talk to about her dad being back in town and I liked that she called her because she's the only one of her friends that knows what her dad was like before he left.
  •  I liked that a bit of Audrey's paranoia about the new killer came through when she found out that Emma's dad has just arrived back in town but I also liked that what she said to Emma about her dad were things that are very much based in reality rather than just her own paranoia.
  • I liked that Emma and Audrey clearly have very different memories of what Emma's dad was like before he left and how this shows that Emma's memories of her dad are more based on how she wants to think of her rather than who he actually is.
  • While I can understand why Emma would be upset by finding out that her mom didn't think it was the best idea for her to see her dad right now I think that Emma almost loosing it during her conversation with her dad and coming out of it more upset than she was before she met with him, I think that her mom was right in saying that now isn't the right time for Emma's dad to reenter her life since she's still dealing with a lot.
  • I like that Audrey kept trying to figure out ways to keep Noah from entering the storage unit because she didn't want him to find Jake's body and I liked how she was almost more freaked out to find the storage unit empty than to refind Jake's body.
  • I liked that Audrey tried to get Noah out of the unit before he found the camera inside of it and I liked that Noah was able to find that camera and one outside of the storage unit that Audrey had missed the night before and I liked that he figured out that someone else must've taken whatever they could have found in the storage unit the night before.
  • I find it sad how Brooke is still leaving Jake messages asking where he is and worrying about their relationship when we all know that he's been dead for days.
  • I like that Zoe has a bit of a crush on Noah but she isn't really planning on doing anything about it because she likes to avoid any type of boy drama but would still be happy if he liked her back.
  • I liked that Emma told Kieran about how meeting with her dad made her feel and I like that Emma had a lot of conflicting emotions about her dad with how she both wanted to cry when she saw him but that she's also still pretty anger with him for leaving. I also liked that Emma notices something's off with Audrey and she's a bit worried about her.
  • I found it a bit creepy how Eli was listening in on Emma and Kieran's entire conversation. I'm also a bit curious about what Eli's bad relationship with his dad like.
  • I like that while Emma doesn't seem to think that Eli is dangerous as of now that she does find him to be a bit weird.
  • I was worried that Audrey would bash Noah's head in, in order to keep her secret about being involved in the murders and I was glad that there was no video footage on the camera so she felt no need to go through with bashing his head. I really hope that Noah is finding Audrey's behavior odd because she's been particularly strange around him.
  • I find it creepy that someone was pretending to be Riley and emailing Emma's dad in order to lure him back into town.
  • I liked that Brooke was willing to try and help Zoe out with her crush on Noah and I liked that Zoe kept trying to downplay her crush.
  • I found it creepy that someone who Brooke at leas thought was Branson called her and knew that she and Jake weren't together anymore.
  • I liked that both Emma and Audrey agreed with Brooke that it was really weird for Branson to know so much about her and Jake.
  • I dislike that Emma and Audrey are fighting although I understand why they are but I also like that Brooke was uncomfortable with the fact that they were fighting.
  • I like that Emma's parents went to the police about the emails and I liked that Emma's mom wanted to tell Emma about them because she knows how much Emma hates being left in the dark about things that concern her and I dislike that her Emma's dad and the Sheriff convinced her not to tell Emma.
  • I'm a bit concerned that Emma's dad could be dangerous because how her mom won't let him touch her and flinches away from his touch.
  • I think that Eli's pretty weird still but I'm enjoying his interactions with Emma.
  • I'm finding Emma's dad to be very suspicious at the moment since Eddie the guy that works at the Crescent Palm Motel who knew things about Audrey being Piper's accomplice has murdered in his hotel room which was set up for a murder long before Eddie walked into the room.
  • I liked that Gustavo pointed out to Noah that if he finds out who the accomplice is he could be putting his life in danger and I like that it seems pretty clear that Noah hadn't thought about this fact before.
  • I like how impatient Brooke is in her setting up Zoe and Noah and I like how awkward Zoe is when it comes to romance and I like that this doesn't put Noah off at all because really he's the same way.
  • I like that Gustavo ends up tagging along with them even though Brooke went out of her way to say she dislikes him.
  • I liked that when Branson tried to convince Brooke to give him a second chance that she pointed out that she has a very good reason not to trust him considering that everything she thought she knew about him turned out to be a lie.
  • I liked that Gustavo went along with Brooke's lie about being her new boyfriend in order to get Branson off her back.
  • I liked that Noah is finding Audrey being missing and very secretive lately odd and I like that it's starting to worry him. I liked that when Noah told Audrey that Gustavo told him that the accomplice might want to kill him for looking for them that Audrey was surprised that this thought didn't occur to him sooner.
  • I liked that when the killer showed that Emma was in the same room as him that Audrey was shown to be extremely worried about Emma and that she was worried enough to call the police even though she knew that would upset the killer and possibly get him to expose her.
  • I liked that Emma finally realized that her dad isn't the great guy that she remembers him as and I liked that she was mad at him when she found out that he had hurt her mom in the past.
  • I liked that Audrey made sure that Emma was okay and that she would get home safe before she leaves.
  • I'm worried about Audrey getting framed for Eddie's murder since the killer put the murder weapon in her car and Audrey touched it.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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