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TV Review: Scream: Betrayed(1.06)

                                                  Scream: Betrayed(1.06)Review
  • I liked Emma's nightmare that we saw at the beginning of the episode because it was something that felt like it could be real until the moment she got stabbed and I liked it because I think it showed how Emma knows that right now she can't truly trust anyone.
  • I liked how when Emma caught her mom and the sheriff kissing she told her mom afterwards she was happy for her.
  • I liked how Piper convinced Will that if he wants to have a chance with Emma he has to find a way to redeem himself and I like that Will was willing to do what he had to do to redeem himself even though it was something that could get him in a lot more trouble.
  • I liked how when Noah said he found something out about Mr. Branson that Audrey guessed he didn't exist and I liked how Noah pointed out that it's the 21st century so he found four Seth Branson's just none of them are their English teacher.
  • I liked Noah finds the fact that Mr. Branson changed his name to be suspicious and I like that Audrey points out that there are a lot of other people who had access to Branson's computer that could give the killer motive to go after Nina.
  • I liked how Noah and Audrey both pretty much agreed that right now everyone's a suspect and I liked how they both practice resting creep faces and complimented each other on them.
  • I like that Brooke is still very much freaking out about the possibility that her dad might have murder her mom and I like that Jake is willing to help her looking into things.
  • I liked that even when Noah was trying to convince Audrey to say sorry to Will that he was still saying that her beating him up was badass. I also like that Will was wiling to admit he kind of had that coming and that got Audrey to admit what she did was kind of a dick move, I liked that Noah said that this looked like a beginning of mutual tolerance because those two will never be friends.
  • I liked how Emma and Kieran found it funny rather than weird that they and their parents both hooked up on the same night.
  • I find it very suspicious that Audrey's DNA was found inside the Brandon James mask since there's no good reason for it to be there even if she was the killer because there's no way she would be that sloppy  and I can't really figure out how else it would get there.
  • I liked that both Emma and Noah were really worried about Audrey when she was taken from class in order to be questioned and I liked that neither of them were even willing to consider the idea that Audrey may be the killer.
  • I liked that Noah came up with the idea that Audrey was being framed by Mr. Branson because of what they found on his computer last episode and I liked that Emma had a hard time believing it. I also liked that Noah went off a tangent about how different super villains eat.
  • I liked that Mr. Branson thought that the best idea for Noah's scene would be a monologue because he has a tendency to make speeches during class.
  • I both liked and was suspicious of how Audrey was able to put on such a strong front when she was being question because on the one hand she did a very good job of not freaking out but on the other hand the fact that she was able to hold things together so well makes me think that she could be hiding a lot of things from everyone.
  • I liked that Will wanted to tell Brooke all about how he and Jake were blackmailing her dad and I'm a little sad that Brooke trusts Jake so much that she doesn't even consider that Will might be telling the truth when he told her that he was involved.
  • I liked that when Audrey's dad came in her tough façade crack for a moment when she rushed up to hug him because it let us know that she's a lot more scared than she lets on.
  • I liked that Audrey called Noah and then Emma and asked them to destroy a video from the night Nina was murdered because this shows how much she trusts the two of them. I also liked that the two of them agree to two this rather quickly.
  • I liked that after his meeting with Mr. Branson that Noah is back on the Branson is pawn train of thought basically just because Noah likes him. I also liked that Noah found a way to get Branson's finger prints so that they could look into him later.
  • I liked that Emma and Noah were willing to break into Audrey's house to get of the video she didn't want the police to see.
  • I liked that neither Emma or Noah could destroy the tape without watching it because they just had to know what could possibly on there that would make it look like Audrey could have possibly killed four people.
  • I liked that when Emma was telling the new police lady that she doesn't believe Audrey is capable of murder that her mom completely backed her up without really having any solid evidence pointing to that being true.
  • I found Jake threatening Will to be pretty frightening and I think that if Jake hasn't already killed someone he probably will someday.
  • I found the tape of Audrey yelling about how Nina needed to pay to be pretty frightening and I liked that both Emma and Noah found the tape frightening as well. I liked that Emma just couldn't believe that Audrey is capable of murder and I liked that Noah can't believe that Audrey might've killed four people but he did say that he always believed she was capable of it just in a cool way not a scary way.
  • I liked that neither Emma or Noah knew what to do after they saw the tape and I liked how Noah told Emma to take the tape with her because he needed to process things and he didn't want the tape near him during that time.
  • I liked how Emma's mom told her how she grew up next door to Brandon James and that the two of them were friends when they were and how she never actually believe that Brandon is the one that killed all those people and she regrets not telling this to the police.
  • I liked that Emma provide Audrey with an alibi for night of Nina's murder because she believes in Audrey.
  • I want to believe that Audrey's telling the truth when she tells Emma that what happened after the tape ended was that Rachel stopped her from doing something she regrets and I liked how Audrey explained that she kept the tape so that she could remind herself what she can get like when she's anger because she never wants to be like that again.
  • While I liked that Will was trying to do the right thing by putting an end to the blackmailing scheme I don't think that give Brooke's dad the tape is a good idea because it's still very possible that he murdered someone especially since he almost killed Will at end of this episode.
  • I'm worried that while Will may not have been killed for trying to do the right thing by Brooke's dad that he might end up dead because of the main killer taking him at the end of the episode.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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