Thursday, December 31, 2015

TV Review: Revenge: Bait(4.15)

                                                         Revenge: Bait(4.15)Review
  • While I still don't really like Emily and Ben together I find that their scenes are still somewhat enjoyable to watch because Emily seems to be happy with him.
  • I liked how Emily wants to share the wealth that she believes that she would get from Conrad's father estate with Margaux and her grandchild.
  • I like that Jack is quitting being a cop because I felt that the job never really made sense for him.
  • I like that Margaux is hesitating in using the video evidence against Jack but I'm sad that she eventually decided to use it anyways.
  • I liked that it was revealed that Nolan had someone working for him with spying on what Margaux is up to so that he could make sure that Margaux didn't make a move against Emily without them knowing.
  • I felt bad for Louise when Nolan kept having to ditch her in order to help Emily because it made her feel unimportant to him even though that isn't the truth.
  • I liked the twist that Natalie was the one that was set to inherit Conrad's father's money rather Victoria and I like how Victoria could see that she tricked him into to this deal right away even though she had no way to prove it.
  • I liked how Emily and Nolan found out about the video that Margaux had of Jack and how the two of them made it their top priority to get rid of the video and keep Jack safe.
  • I liked that right when Jack was going to confess his feelings for Emily that she revealed that he and his son were going to be put at risk because of Margaux's desire to hurt Emily, I liked this because it basically kills all the romance that the moment could possibly have by bringing in the reality of what it means to be close to Emily make into the forefront of their relationship.
  • I liked how Jack wanted to talk to Margaux because he still believes that she is a good person and that she will do the right thing if he gives her the chance to.
  • I find it somewhat suspicious that Natalie took such an interest in David considering her current relationship with David and his history with Victoria.
  • I find Lyman wanting to work with Victoria solely to get money and Victoria not fully trusting him to be good enough to get the job done to be an interesting dynamic.
  • I liked how Jack talked to Margaux and basically told her without telling her that what she should be doing is thinking about her child and not revenge but she is too selfish and petty to see what's right in front of her which is what ends up leading to her plan failing later on.
  • I liked how when Nolan was trying to explain his relationship with Emily that Louise thought that Nolan was trying to say that him and Emily were sleeping together, I just always love when the show acknowledges that with how close Emily and Nolan are that isn't an absurd idea for an outsider to have about their relationship.
  • I liked how Nolan explained his helping Emily out was them being like superheroes with helping good people and hurting bad ones while I'm not sure how accurate this description is of what they do I really love that Nolan chose to explain the way that he did.
  • I liked how Louise worked with Emily and Nolan as the distraction in their plan and I liked that the bracelet that Jack gave Margaux ended up having a chip in it that erased the video that she had of Jack, I just really loved all the team work in this plan.
  • I liked Emily snuck passed security and into Margaux's office just to tell her that she's way better at this whole revenge thing than Margaux could ever hope to be and she really should just quit while she's behind.
  • I liked how Nolan told Louise at the end of the episode that he had felt like an outsider his whole life before he met Emily and that he realized that keeping this part of his life from Louise he put her in a position of an outsider and that he was wrong to do that.
  • I liked how Victoria was planning to use Natalie's emotional appeal against her to prove that it was all lies so that they could win back the money from the estate.
  • I think it's pretty awful of Margaux to blackmail Ben with putting his ex in danger in order to hurt Emily.
  • I liked that Emily rejected Jack because I just feel like those two are never meant to work out romantically with each other and I like that Jack told her that he's not waiting for her anymore because he really does deserve the chance to move on with his life.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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