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TV Review: How to Get Away With Murder: She's a Murderer(1.12)

                           How to Get Away With Murder: She's a Murderer(1.12)Review
  • I liked that Wes, Rebecca, Conner, Michaela and Laurel were all gathered in Wes apartment while watching the news report on Sam's body and liked seeing them both freak out and try to stay calm.
  • I felt bad for Annalise when Hannah told the police to arrest her even though I know she was involved in Sam's murder she didn't actually kill him and there was no evidence to arrest her at this point.
  • I found it a bit odd that Annalise was determined that Nate doesn't talk to the police despite the fact that she knows there's nothing he can say to would hurt his case.
  • I both liked and thought it may make her look suspicious  that Annalise refused to take time off from either teaching her class or working on her case.
  • I liked that Annalise's lesson about the fifth amendment was basically taught just for her to tell the study group that when in doubt they should say nothing at all.
  • I felt bad for Bonnie when she was crying either because Sam died or because she believed that Annalise no longer trust her because of what she told her about Sam shortly before he died. I liked that Frank told Bonnie not to worry about these kind of things even though she clearly can't keep herself from worrying.
  • I like that Annalise has been working for a mob family for fifteen years and that she has never lost a case for them because I think that's pretty impressive.
  • I really hated how Hannah used a three year old argument where Annalise apparently said that she would kill Sam as a way to get a warrant to search Annalise's home.
  • I liked that Conner was confused about why they were working a case while Annalise is a suspect in a murder and I liked that Annalise basically said that they don't let their clients down.
  • I liked how Asher asked Frank if he was involved in the mob and Frank made a joke of it but I do wonder if Frank actually is involved with the mob because there's something not right about him.
  • I liked that when Michaela and Conner are sent to question the security guard for the case that they spend more time worrying about whether or not the police are going to find Michaela's ring in the woods than they do questioning the security guard.
  • I'm curious about Rudy Walters the guy that used to live in Wes's apartment who apparently disappeared after having a mental breakdown.
  • I liked that Laurel seems to be the only one out of the four who were present at the murder who can focus on the case fully.
  • I liked that Rebecca once again told Wes that she was willing to take the fall for Sam's murder and Wes once again refused to let her take the fall.
  • I liked that after Bonnie lost the fight against the warrant that Asher tried to cheer her up.
  • I was very relieved when the police found no evidence within the Keating house and I liked how when Asher saw how relieved the others were said that Annalise would be smarter than to hide a bloody knife under her mattress.
  • I liked how after hearing Conner doubting Annalise's willingness to protect the group that Annalise brings him to her office and tells him to tell her to her face what he really wants to say to her. I like that Conner tells that he wants to trust her but he doesn't and I liked that Annalise tells him that the reason she gave him the trophy on the first day of class is because she saw a bit of herself in him and then she tells him that he won't trust her because it's not in his nature but that she's his best shot even if it's not a sure thing so he should stop worrying.
  • I really loved how Annalise won her case against the feds by proving that they were the ones breaking the law.
  • I liked that after Frank told Laurel that there was nothing more to be done that she starts to breakdown because that's the first time we've seen her do that.
  • I liked how Bonnie figured out who killed Sam and that she told Annalise that she shouldn't go down for that but I dislike but understand why she was implying that Annalise should let Wes, Laurel, Conner and Michaela,  be punished for it..
  • I both liked and disliked that Annalise had Nate framed in order to protect the group because I'm glad that she's protecting them but I also feel bad for Nate because he doesn't deserve to go jail for something he didn't do.
  • I was surprised that Annalise called her mom at the end of the episode because last episode it was said she hadn't talked to her mother in a long time.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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