Friday, February 8, 2019

Book Review: Dark Places

                                                            Dark Places Review
Dark Places is about Libby Day whose sisters and mother were murdered by her older brother when she was seven years old, it's been twenty five years since the murders happened and she has been living off the money that was raised for her by concerned citizens after the story of the murders were publicized and said to be motivated by her brother being Satan worshiper. The money from the fund that Libby has been living off is about to run out and since she's never had a real job and can't imagine herself being able to have a real job since most days she has trouble finding the motivation to get out of bed let alone to do anything productive with her life, Libby agrees to talk to members of a Kill Club about the day of the murders for money. The Kill Club is a group of people who are fascinated by true crime stories and in case of the Day family murders it turns out that every member of the club that is fascinated by that crime doesn't believe that Libby's brother Ben is actually the killer.

After being presented with new facts about the night of the murders and the investigation that occurred afterwards Libby is forced to consider that maybe her brother isn't the one that killed her family after she recalls that she actually didn't see anything that happened she just heard it and thinking back she isn't even sure if the voice she heard was her brother's. Libby doesn't want to get her hopes up about her brother Ben not being the monster she has seen him as for the last twenty five years starts to reluctantly look into her brother's case while getting paid for it by the Kill Club. This book is about Libby investigating who killed her family and there are point of view chapters set in the past told from her mother's and brother's point of view about what really happened on the day of the murders.

This book was really good it did a good job of making a story about a murder that happened twenty five years before the story even begin still feel tense since the story was never about what was going to happen but who was going to do it and what led them to that point. Please tell me your thoughts about this book in the comment section below.

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