Tuesday, March 13, 2018

TV Review: I'm Not a Robot

                                                     I'm Not a Robot Review
I'm not a Robot is about a man named Kim Min kyu who developed an allergy to humans shortly after his parents died and at the beginning of the series he gets a message from some scientist who tell him they have developed a robot that looks and should be able to act just like a real human. Min kyu decides to meet the scientist to check out their robot and after he sees how human-like the robot is and assures that it's really a robot he agrees to keep funding the scientists research if he the robot is able to brought over to his house for him to test out how well it works. Right before the scientists are suppose to bring their robot over to Min kyu's house one of the scientists end up damaging the report which leads to Hong Baek kyun, scientist that created the robot to go look for the woman he based the robot on, Jo Ji ah, his ex girlfriend. Ji ah is an inventor who seems to only manage to invent things that most people find useless which has led to her being in a lot of debt because she's always working on her inventions or starting up a new business to fund her inventions, since Ji ah really needs the money she ends up agreeing to pretend to be a robot when Min kyu does the test for it.

Ji ah is only really able to pull off pretending to be a robot because the scientists tell Min kyu that there is a function called friend mode after she first reacts in a way a robot wouldn't and they are all very surprised when he buys that excuse. Since Min kyu hasn't really had the chance to interact with people for the last fifteen years he ends up finding anytime Ji ah screws up acting like a robot to be delightful rather than suspicious and this ends up leading to him wanting to train the robot himself and since the robot is still going to take awhile to repair that means that Ji ah is going to have to continue to pretend to be a robot. As time goes on Min kyu and Ji ah end up actually developing a real friendship and Min kyu discovers that his allergy started to be cured when he was with Ji ah which only makes his affection for her grow even more.

 Soon enough it becomes clear to both Ji ah and Min kyu that they have romantic feelings for each other and since it seems pretty clear at first that the feelings are mutual they are both very happy about this until they remember their situations. Min kyu realizes that he can't be in love with a robot because a robot can't ever really love you back because their just doing what their programs tell them to and Ji ah realizes that Min kyu thinks that she's a robot and that there really isn't a good way to tell him that she's been deceiving him for as long as she has been. It ends up taking quite a long time for Min kyu to figure out that Ji ah is not a robot and for them to actually get together.

Overall I really loved this series, I really loved both our main characters and I loved watching them interact with each other and I found them be extremely cute together. I was surprised by how emotionally invested this show ended up getting me because I actually found myself crying more than once and I also really liked that the show made me understand why Ji ah couldn't just tell Min kyu that she's not a robot which made the middle angsty section of the show much more compelling to watch. I also thought that this show looked really beautiful there were so many scenes in this show that just looked and felt so dreamy and romantic and the music also helped add to this atmosphere. Please tell me your thoughts on this series.

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